JMACINC it dilemmas
If any of these dilemmas describe how you feel, I've got solutions.

I'm really frustrated! You just finished deploying the latest and greatest Systems Management suite from one of the big vendors.  It's chock-full of best practices and you spent a boat full of money on licenses.  But nothing is any easier, your team is no more agile, and you're probably going to be outsourced.  It's a tragedy.  We understand how you feel.  There, there now.
I'm really angry! You seem less than ecstatic you had to pay an arm and a leg to integrate that big commercial product with the rest of your operations monitoring platform.  Kind of caught you by surprise, you say?  Yo, champ -- you know stomping on your headset and throwing your mouse at the salesman's head is not good for your anger management.  Don't you?
I'm really confused! You entrusted the monitoring of your critical applications to a top tier vendor, but there are still complaints about performance and outages that are missed.  So who can you trust?  Do you have to build all of this yourself?
I'm really disappointed! Have you worked tirelessly to monitor the incidents and control the constant stream of changes in your data center, only to find the business managers barely notice you exist?  What's missing from this picture?