As an independent Systems Management consultant, I am not controlled by vendors.  This allows me to partner with other consultancies who specialize in other aspects of ITSM, and who are looking to leverage my skills.  I also consult to vendors who value my cross-product familiarity.

Every ITSM initiative, no matter how well-intentioned and broad in scope, touches Service Operations on a day-to-day basis.  A broken or under-performing monitoring tool is frequently the weak link in the ITSM lifecycle.  Bringing me in as a short-term partner on a larger scale ITSM project can help you post some quick hits to give the project momentum, identify and eliminate over-monitoring that adds no value, boost morale through a confident and professional attitude, and communicate the progress to all stakeholders in clear, industry-standard reports and documentation.

What I provide to these partners is the confidence and agility that can only come from long experience serving such a variety of clients.  Together we are able to:

  1. define requirements and deliverables accurately
  2. estimate project costs and risk factors adequately
  3. communicate when obstacles arise
  4. share lessons learned for future reusability