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Here is an overview of the services I provide.

  • Monitoring tool selection
    • Determining which product or combinations of products best matches your requirements
    • What to expect from a pilot implemention
    • Comparing product maturity by features
  • Monitoring process audit
    • Integration with Service Desk process or tool
    • Correlation with CMDB or other non-integrated asset inventories
    • Identification of monitoring capabilities to business service maps
  • Monitoring tool deployment and upgrade
    • Evaluation and accomodation of systems customizations/idiosyncracies
    • Integration with available software distribution tools
  • Monitoring tool integration and customization
    • One-way or two-way integration with MOMs (manager of managers)
    • Population of reporting and internal dashboard
    • Population of central CMDB or other asset inventory tools
  • Training on client platform
    • How to communicate to users professionally
    • How to administer the system for long-term integrity and growth
    • Hands-on demonstrations of incident detection, escalations and fine-tuning
    • Review of monitoring topology and inter-connections with other ITSM tools
  • Documentation
    • Coverage of both plain vanilla and cutomized features in SOP documentation
    • Procedures for incident management and problem management

Services I Decline

Many consultancies offer services on a range of IT tasks, and keep extending their portfolio as new product areas evolve.  While some of these claims may be true some of the time, I have always restricted my practice to a single focus:  Systems Management for servers, networks and applications.  This focus has allowed me to maintain my technical expertise across several Systems Management products, and this strategy has worked really well--I would recommend it to anyone starting a service business.

Here then are some services that I don't provide:

  • Software resales
  • Routine administration of servers, desktops, networks or applications
  • Security and Compliance
  • Networking administration
  • Installation or administration of storage and virtualization platforms

To paraphrase an old commercial for the Archer Daniels Midland company, "I don't make these monitoring products, I help you use them better."


Best Product?

Most useful Systems Management product?